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I miss you, New York

Today, I am feeling a bit homesick for New York City. It's springtime, there. I can imagine the crocuses along prospect park west and it makes my heart ache in a way that forces me to lie on the floor. At least, it's a good floor. We moved a little over a month ago into a magic old building in Eden Terrace. The space is practically across the street from Mt Eden, a dormant volcano. There's a shop space downstairs, which leads to the bigger news that.......

we're opening up an art space!!! It's called Alphabet City.

Oh and a few weeks ago, I sat in a tiny 2 seat plane and flew over the bay of islands.

idealic new zealand views from above?
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, originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

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last tartine bread pudding

Last you heard from me, I was thinking about kindness and spending my summer in San Francisco. I was there because I wanted to help enable feminist porn stars and queer spaces, and I did just that. I also made some new friends and some new zines*. I ate lots of yummy food and visited PDX. I got to see most of my favorite people and renew some brilliant perfect friendships. Oh, and the printmaking. Falling in love with printmaking again practically broke my heart.

I'm a member

And then I MOVED TO NEW ZEALAND. I've been here nearly two months and drink a lot of really amazing coffee. Also, exploring, reaching, trying, loving.

Beach at Mount Maunganui from dollish on Vimeo.
(watch this video, please)

*info on new zines coming soon.
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Hello everyone, I am moving on Sunday! But you can already send me mail here:

Miss. Erin Fae
PO Box 7754
Wellesley Street

omg, new zealand

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My friend A. is amazing. She never picks on anyone. I think she’s the only person I know with this quality. I’m trying to pick it up for myself. This particular character trait. It’s hard though. After so many decades of being teased, I started to tease, myself. I never thought that would be something that I do, and to be honest, I don’t do it well. I sometimes can say hurtful things without meaning to, and I hate it. I’m trying to cut out most teasing. Maybe I need an affirmation or something to remind me on a daily basis. Esp. in the face of being teased myself. I know that people tease each other, even as adults. I find it so stresstful. I’m not always good at deciphering when someone is playing from cruelty.

This week I feel like I am hemorrhaging money. Picking up this and that, taking advantage of craft fairs and online sales. It’s hard for me, always a saver and a hoarder, to let go of things, even currency.

This summer, is all about drawing boundaries, suspension, queer porn stars, trying to learn to draw from a less than adequate class, reforming friendships, appreciating the ones that are stronger than ever, love, writing projects and falling in love with printmaking all over again.

Favorite thing: Weekly talks with nevers

My camera broke over a month ago. Life hasn't been the same. A new one should arrive this week.

I’m trying to start a few new projects. Sometimes I feel bursts of inspiration when I’m out, but in front of my computer, I have some white pagescreen syndrome.

Today, I just feel sick. I still have mono and I’m on the verge of a really bad relapse. The stress is making me ill. My body is not the body i know so well. The muscles have receded. If I am not careful, I will get very sick again.

Also, Veda Hille and Sleater-Kinney.

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Address for now, originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

You know you've been meaning to write....

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Every year in NYC, there's something called 'Great Small Works.' In a way, it is so uniquely New York. This year, my friend Joanna and I went to the opening reception and parade. At the Toy Theater Museum, I witnessed one of the most beautifully poetic art pieces I have seen in some time.

Watch this! It's entirely clockwork and magic

more photos from the opening here

Also, last supper 2010, East Village New York City:

last supper

So long, Brooklyn. We'll be together again, someday.

Hello, new life. Hello, new adventures
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shoot the moon, originally uploaded by faerygrrrl.

Here's a memory I didn't know I'd forgotten. That is, until this evening when I saw a link to this print. Shoot the stars? No. Shoot the moon. Oh! Like that game I had as a wee fae. I loved that game. I haven't thought about it in at least 10 years.

Did any of you have this game?

My favorite were games you could play on your own.


Also, this video. It equally makes me want to and never want to try DIY re-upholstery.


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I find it a bit amusing how many 'unfortunate events' have happened to me, recently. At this point, I cant let them get me down because now it's just comical. Really? All those things can happen to one person? My girlfriend says it's like watching the Erin Fae show. Our heroine is bound to come out on top....but how?

Let's make a list, shall we?
in just the past three monthsCollapse )

Two weeks ago, it felt like I was going to be stuck in my beautiful prison of an apartment forever. Somehow, I made the apartment sparkle (moreso than necessary my friends reported). Yesterday, was the walk through at Windsor Place and the landlord wrote me a check for most of my deposit, right then. Unexpected, but a huge relief.

I pushed my body hard and I will have to be gentle this week. I"m still in mono recovery and I hurt my hands during the cleaning.

But but but....i feel free. I feel like this life, my life, the one i want to build for myself, is happening. Even right now, it's happening.

It's all happening. right now
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so far....

Let's call this...Step 1*

Step 1 to moving into a little house on the other side of the world

Start to gather all your belongings into one place. That is, all the belongings you want to keep. Try not to get too overwhelmed by this, even though it is way overwhelming.

If you happen to have mono, do this very very slowly, but not too slowly. It has to happen.

*step 1 is probably obtaining a work visa, buying a plane ticket, and trying to decide *which* mover to use
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